Saturday, July 19, 2008

Safe in Africa

There she is!! I was so excited to find this picture of Rachel on the Global Expeditions page. I had looked at a group photo a few days earlier but I couldn't find her (for sure) in the group. No problem this time- there she is on the left, smiling her smile and looking really happy. She called this morning and we both cried a little, it was such a relief to hear her voice. She is having a great time, making lots of friends and changing peoples lives. She has been staying in a church 6 hours outside of Johannesburg. She said there is no running water or toilets and they are sleeping on the ground. She also had to go a whole week without a shower, hard to believe our Rachel going a week without a shower! And when they finally got to take one it was at the local high school and it only had cold water. Brr. Apparently the food isn't so great either, lots of Cream of Wheat and peanut butter sandwiches. She's been eating from her stock of granola bars and snacks but is quickly running out. She's definitely homesick, she mentioned wanting to come right home after they get back to Texas. I certainly don't mind- I can't wait to get her home. We miss her terribly.