Friday, July 31, 2009

CHA Florida

I'm sitting at the airport in Sacramento, waiting to board my final flight home. This week was spent mostly in Florida at CHA with Tiffany, Terri and Susie. We had a great time at the convention and hanging out around the Orlando area. It was crazy weather there, hot sometimes- like 100 with horrible humidity, rainy sometimes, lightning sometimes- Yikes. The convention was interesting, alot of make and take projects and new scrapbooking products to drool over. We took 3 classes, one that was horrible- Imaginisce, one that was good- Slice by Making Memories, and one that was awesome- My Little Shoebox. All 4 of us girls won prizes in the Slice class and the My Little Shoebox class- it was crazy, all of our names were drawn one right after the other- good karma I guess. We drove to Disney World one afternoon but only spent time at down town Disney due to time constraints. Terri and I wanted to ride the Mary Poppins balloon ride but they shut it down due to weather right before we got there. We were so bummed. We also went to a really nice scrapbook store- sorry I cant remember the name, but the ladies were super nice and they had lots of great new products. This is a long post so I'll stop for now and update later this week. Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lacamas Lake Park

Jim decided to take me, Morgan and Mike down to Vancouver this morning to go to Lacamas Park. It's a park he spent alot of time at when he was growing up and he loves sharing that kind of thing with us. We took Lucy along for the ride and she loved playing in the water and running around the trails. We hiked back into the pothole and waterfall areas, it was really pretty and fun. Poor Morgan had her wisdom teeth pulled on Wednesday so she looks miserable in most of her pictures. We did manage to get a few smiles throughout the day though. The scenery in this park is great, you can hardly tell that you're in a city, it seems like you're at a campground. If you get a chance you should check it out.
Well, I'm off to Florida tomorrow for CHA, hopefully I'll be able to post form the road at least once. Have a great week.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Drive In

Last weekend we met up with the Schoenings in Shelton to go to the drive in. Neither Jim or I had been to a drive since we were kids, 100 years ago. So we thought it would be fun to take our kids and let them have the whole experience. The cool thing about the drive in is it's usually a double feature, you can bring your own snacks and you get to hang out with your friends talking and catching up before the show. Jim set up chairs and the back of the Durango so we would have a "spot', it wasn't the most comfortable and by the second show we had turned the car around and all sat in the seats instead. Both movies were great, the Hangover is hilarious!! And of course, anything with John Travolta works for me. We ended up not leaving until after 12 and got home around 1 and then had to get up around 7 to take Mike to his aunts to leave for vacation. I'm not sure we'll have a chance to do it again this summer but it was definitely fun for us to at least once. Oh, how do you like Jim's filthy feet??

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Washington Gothic??

Jim and Cameron are such jokers. They were working outside while I was scrapping in the Loveshack. I grabbed my camera to take a few pictures and they decided to pose it up for me. Jim kept looking at Cameron and adjusting his shovel so it would look "just right". Silly boys.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Archivers visit

I saw some really cute new product last week when I went to Archivers. Making Memories has a cute summery line that I bought a few things from. And the new BoBunny is awesome too, lots of browns and oranges. Yummy. Here's a picture of the crop room too, it's huge. I really wish we had an Archivers here in Washington, it's the best scrap store ever!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finished projects and a peek for Tiffany

Last night I finished up a couple of projects from my friend Tiffany. The first is the flip flop album she gave Rachel for graduation. It turned out really cute, I'm glad I went with black and white pictures. The second was an accordion fold album I made at a make and take Tiffany did at a crop, it turned out cute too. The last picture is a little peek for Tiffany of one of the new things I picked up for her at Archivers last week. Super cute paper flowers from Flora Doodles. I used them on the accordion album, they are cute paper flowers with jewels in the center. Love them. Come and get them Tiffany......

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday pages

I spent the afternoon in the Love shack today scrapping a few pages. I had only planned on doing some organizing but ended up scrapping instead. I have been holding on to the music paper for the page of Morgan and her cello for at least 3 years so it feels good to finally use it. Lately when I am scrapping I do a few pages of older pictures and then "allow" myself to do some of the newer ones. I think it makes me feel like I am slowly whittling away at the older stuff but am also having fun doing the more recent stuff.
I went to Archivers this week while I was in Buford and I bought some really cute new stuff that I cant wait to use. The little Thickers on the page with Rachel and Kim are one of my purchases, they are so cute! Have a great week.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Celebration

This 4th we took the kids to the races at South Sound Speedway to meet up with the Schoenings. It was super hot outside, over 80 which is hot for July in Washington. The races were fun and the fireworks at the end were definitely worth it. The kids all got these funky 3-D glasses to watch the fireworks with and cracked us all up by putting them on. Richele remarked that our kids look so grown up now and I totally agree. The girls are young ladies and the boys are almost grown men. It's weird to look back at pictures from when our families first became friends, they seem like babies! The afternoon was fun but way to short, we never seem to get enough time with the Schoenings. We count them as some of our best friends and enjoy every minute we have with them.