Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas from the Cain and Williams crew! We hosted my family at our house on Christmas eve and had a blast with the White Elephant gift exchange. Morgan brought over a Santa hat and everybody had to put it on when it was their turn to choose a gift and there was lots of swapping and laughing going on! Rachel brought both her dogs over and combined with ours and Morgans we ended up with 5 dogs in the house, Jim had mixed feelings about it as you can see by the picture. All of the kids stayed the night at our house so we were able to have Christmas morning with our whole family. It was a nice, peaceful Christmas and I enjoyed every minute of it. We went to Jim's Moms house on Monday afternoon and I totally forgot to take a single picture, grrr. It was nice to spend some time with Twyla, Shell and Bob though. I hope all of you had a great Christmas too!

Friday, December 2, 2011

OMG- She's 21!!

Ok, seriously, where has the time gone?? Today is my little tiny baby Rachel's 21st birthday and I can totally still remember the night I gave birth to her. It was a full moon and her Grandpap swore to me that she was going to come that night and sure enough, he was right and she did. I do miss her Grandpap and wish he was here to see what a beautiful girl she has become. Our family, her dad and Sean's family all got together in downtown Olympia to celebrate with dinner and for Rachel- some drinks. Our waitress was a good sport and let me take a picture of Rachel's first time being carded. She managed a double shot and 2 mixed drinks without getting too tipsy, although I suspect later tonight that might not be the case. LOL!! I love you Rachel and enjoyed  your birthday dinner alot. I'm very proud of you and look forward to continuing to watch you grow and mature. Happy Birthday!!