Saturday, October 31, 2009

Love Shack Saturday

After working for a few hours this morning I came home and spent a little time in the Love Shack. I completed the Halloween album Tiffany designed and scrapped a page about Morgans new car. Thanks for the title idea Tiffany. I also got to play a little bit with my yummy new pink Slice. I really have no idea how to use it yet but I plan on giving it another shot tomorrow. It seems pretty easy but I think I need to figure out the best adhesive to use, I hear that's key to making it work well. We shall see.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lovin the Mid West

I love the Mid West, I would move here if I could convince Jim and the kids. The scenery is amazing, the cornfields are huge and they have the best cheese in the US. I managed to bring back two big blocks of cheese and a bag of cheese curds too, they are supposed to be amazing but I haven't tried them yet. Apparently they have great custard and butter burgers too but I didn't have a chance to check them out, I had to settle for a picture of the sign instead. Today started early, 3:00 am West coast time, with a drive to the Madison airport for my flight into Chicago. As you can see, the plane was tiny, only 3 seats across the plane and we had to deplane right onto the tarmac. The plane was so small we had to gate check all bags because only a purse could fit into the overhead. I didn't get a chance to really see how big Chicago Ohare was during the trip here but I sure got a feel for it this connection. I had to change to a different terminal and it took about 20 minutes to walk there through the crowd. They have 6 different terminal here and the crowds are insane. I'm happy to be getting onto my last flight home, I managed to get upgraded to first class somehow. That never happens so you can bet I'm going to enjoy every minute of the experience. I miss the kids and Jim and am definitely looking forward to being home soon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where I am right now

This is where I am right now, at 6:30 in the morning- the Seattle airport again. I'm heading out to Spring Green, Wisconsin for two days and then right back home on Thursday. My trip takes me through the Chicago airport which I have not been through before so it should be interesting. If I am not too stressed I'll try to take a few pictures of it. When I got on the train to the terminal this morning there was no one else on it, which is weird because it's usually packed, so I took a few pictures. I love this crazy art work that's above the train entrance , it's like funky Popeye stuff. Well, I'm off to the plane, see you in Chicago.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday scrapbooking

Today was a busy day, for a Sunday. I scrapped, grocery shopped, went to Michael's and Marshall's, did laundry, made banana bread, met with the water guy, cooked Jim dinner, packed for my trip this week and now I'm uploading pictures to Costco, sending pictures of a layout to Tiffany for this weeks challenge and blogging. Whew!! When you say it all together like that it seems a bit much but really, as I was doing it throughout the day it just seemed like a normal day. I burned candles all day, something that relaxes me and makes the house smell yummy too. These are two of the pages I did today, the other one is being sent to Tiffany for the challenge so head on over there to check it out tomorrow or the next day. The "tradition" page uses some of the cool goodies Tiffany brought me back from her Tim Holtz cruise, it's the Prima jewels. I love them, they add a cool bit of texture to the page. The "sweet" page is using up the last of the October Afternoon paper I'm in love with. I need to keep an eye out for their new stuff, I'm sure it will be great. Well, I'm in town tomorrow and then I fly out to Wisconsin on Tuesday and back home on Thursday, it' a quick trip. Hope there's no snow yet!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bo Bunny Goodness

I stopped the local scrap store after work last night and they were just unpacking the new Bo Bunny winter line. It is beautiful!! I bought pretty much everything in the line and a couple of extra for someone- you know who you are! The colors of this line are stunning- blues, purples and tans in the coolest combinations. Several of the papers are glittered and textured and there are lots of awesome embellishments to go with. I am totally getting out some winter pictures this weekend and putting this paper to work. Love it, love it, love it.

I'm off to help Tiffany teach a class today. Nancy is coming along too and I cant wait to spend the day with these two girls.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Jim

We celebrated Jim's 42 birthday last weekend. As you can see , he is definitely still young at heart. Morgan made him a cake and he swore he wasn't going to blow out candles or anything like that. But of course he caved and we managed to get him in the kitchen for us to sing to him and for him to pose with the cake. Let me tell you, getting a picture of him and the kids was a chore . Either the camera was on the wrong setting or one of the kids was making a face. I finally gave up and got whatever was on the camera. Love these guys!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Morgans driving!!

So we have another child on the road now. Morgan got her license and a car about a month ago. The car is super cute and definitely "matches" Morgan, it also meets with our approval because it's small and doesn't go very fast! She also got herself a job already too, she'll be working at the local movies theatre. I hope that means free movies for the rest of us!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I spent some time out in the Loveshack today scrapping a few pages. I also did a bit of reorganization and purging. I got these cute little red dishes from Marshall's last weekend and I'm using them for miscellaneous brads and little embellishments. I scrapped some recent pictures from a trip to Seattle and some shots of Morgan and Cameron. I had the idea for the "Oh Brother " page while I was lying in bed last night and I think it turned out pretty good. The Aquarium page uses the October Afternoon paper I bought in California a few weeks ago. I love the colors and it matches the pictures perfectly. It was a nice relaxing morning and I hope to get back out there again later this week.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

44 isnt old.....

Mike and Melissa turned 44 this year and we managed to get quite a few family members together for a little party. We all met up and Mike's house in Yelm and had dinner and cake. As you can see, they had to share a cake, just like when they were little ( although my Mom swears they had their own cakes none of can remember more than one cake!). Chuck and Dad spent alot of time talking and of course Dad was ready to leave right after dinner-and cake too. Most of the kids came over too and filled up the couch - good thing Mike has a big couch. It was nice to get everyone together, we definitely should do it more often.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Squeeze Inn

On my continued quest to go to as many "tv" food spots, I stopped at the Squeeze Inn located in Galt California last night. The people working there were so nice, they even let me get behind the counter, right up to the grill for a picture or two. The burger there is awesome, they melt about a half a pound of cheese on top of your burger- delicious! If you ever get to Galt or Sacramento you should give the Squeeze Inn a try, you wont regret it. I'm heading back home tonight and am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.