Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend dresser project

A few weeks ago I came across this antique dresser at a garage sale. I had been kind of looking for a project that I could re-do ala I have been stalking her site, admiring her work and thinking it might be possible to do a project myself (with Jim's help of course!) I love the look of a white painted piece with a contrasting top and sides and so that was the look we went for. We started filling holes and sanding Friday night after work and by Saturday night we were reading to paint. We actually stained the top of the dresser on Saturday and just needed one more coat of stain to finish it up. We were too tired to paint on Saturday but we were definitely ready. So Sunday morning Jim got started on the first of several coats of spray satin paint. Now, I was super hesitant about using spray paint but it honestly turned out just like I imagined it would. We went to Home Depot to pick up knobs and I was shocked at how much they cost- $4 each and we needed 10, they cost almost as much as the dresser! By Sunday night Jim had completed all of the painting and we just needed to let everything dry completely so we could put it all together. This morning Jim called me out to show me the final product and I absolutely love how it turned out. It is exactly the vision that I had for the piece and I have already put it into the bedroom. So, I think I may have created a monster- Jim is already starting on the next project and talking about selling the pieces we make! I'll have to let you know how that goes.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer camping trip

A few weeks ago we went camping with the Schoenings and we couldn't have had a better time. The weather was nice for most of the days, a little rain the last the day but hey, this is Washington so we kind of expect it. We all agreed that the trip was going to be all about just relaxing and going with the flow. We spent time playing board games, reading fishing, talking and just enjoying the time together. We ate lots of great food, made fun of Sean and Rachel putting up their tent, played with the dogs and stayed up late laughing by the fire. Oh yeah, we also froze our butts off at night when it got super cold! I coerced everyone into taking a group photo on the last evening after dinner and we laughed so hard at Mike "planking" in some of the pictures- hilarious. I hope we get one more chance to go again before the summer is over, it was so nice. Love the time with my family and our friends.