Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow day and stuck vehicles

If you live in the Pacific Northwest I don't have tell you just how cold and snowy it's been this week. But for my out of state friends I thought a few pictures might be fun for you to see. We got about 8 -10 inches of snow and then the temps dropped down to the teens so everything turned to compact snow and ice. We have managed to get both my car and Jim's truck stuck in the driveway within the last 2 days. We got up early this morning and tried to get the truck unstuck but ended up having to call in reinforcements when it started to go over the embankment. Zac and Greg, our co-workers, we nice enough to drive out and give us a hand, Unfortunately, Greg's truck got stuck for a while too!! Finally, after lots of digging and scraping and pulling, both trucks made it up the driveway. So I have spent part of the morning searching for an SUV on line. I love my station wagon but this was ridiculous, we were basically housebound and I'm not having that. So I think I'll go test drive a Durango on Friday, wish me luck.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Morgan's mini album

I am so super happy with how this mini album, turned out. Lat week when I traveled I stopped at Archivers and found these really cool mini covers from 7 Gypsy's. They are a "Faux" book cover made from a heavy chipboard and as soon as I saw them I knew they were perfect for an album of Morgans pictures from last weekend. So I started on the album last night, cutting the papers and inking the edges. Then I had a bunch of Thanksgiving shopping to do so I didn't start on putting it together until around 2:30 this afternoon. I used the new MME papers and embellishments, I cant recall the name right now. If you really love and want to know post a comment for me and I'll go check. It's hard to see but some of the papers have pink glitter accents, really cute. I finished up around 5:00 and by then all the daylight was gone so I had a little bit of difficulty getting good pictures for the blog. Anyway, let me know what you think.

Monday, November 15, 2010

More and more and more pictures of Morgan

Whew, I can't just pick one or two to post here. There are way too many that I love. I made it safely to Minnesota this afternoon and have a little time to post some more shots. Keep in mind that I just took all of these yesterday and I have done absolutely no editing of them whatsoever. I think a little photo shop may make some of the "so so" shots really alot better. We spent about 2 hours getting these so overall I think they turned out pretty good. She's an easy subject so it wasn't too hard. I have family picture too that I'll post tomorrow, I don't want to overwhelm you all with too many posts in one day!

Pictures of Morgan

I hope you can stand looking at lots of pictures because I have lots of shots of Morgan to share. I'm sitting at the airport, on my way to Minnesota where I hear there is SNOW- yikes. So I have a few minutes to post some of the shots from yesterday's photo shoot of Morgan for senior pictures. We took over 400 pictures so obviously I will have to pare it down a bit for posting here. We went to the state capitol campus because Morgan wanted trees and leaves in her pics and there were lots of those at the campus. So here are the first few shots that include a few of my favorites. Oops, they're boarding my plane, more later.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Family picture mini album

I started working on this mini album last night while watching TV with Jim and Morgan. I painted the canvas pages and set it out overnight to dry. Then I headed out the Loveshack this morning around 10:30 to get started. It went pretty quickly, I was done by 12:30. The pictures are from a photo shoot of the the family at Tumwater Falls park in January of 2009. I really like how it turned out and can see myself doing another one of these as a gift album. Super quick, easy and cute.