Monday, November 15, 2010

Pictures of Morgan

I hope you can stand looking at lots of pictures because I have lots of shots of Morgan to share. I'm sitting at the airport, on my way to Minnesota where I hear there is SNOW- yikes. So I have a few minutes to post some of the shots from yesterday's photo shoot of Morgan for senior pictures. We took over 400 pictures so obviously I will have to pare it down a bit for posting here. We went to the state capitol campus because Morgan wanted trees and leaves in her pics and there were lots of those at the campus. So here are the first few shots that include a few of my favorites. Oops, they're boarding my plane, more later.


TR said...

My faves are the first and last ones. Looking forward to seeing more.
Have a safe trip!

cindy said...

I love those ones too!! Actually, I love most of them. I picked up some goodies today at Archivers to make a mini of the ones I cant help but scrap. I'm glad you like them!!