Saturday, November 13, 2010

Seattle for the day

Thursday was a holiday for the kids from school so Jim and I took a vacation day to do something fun with the boys. We decided to take them up to Seattle to the EMP- that's the rock and roll museum built by Paul Allen. We made  few other stops along the way and I managed to get a few pictures before my camera battery died. I only got a few at the museum and they turned out kind of yucky since no flash was allowed. We stopped at Top Pot donuts for breakfast and had some really good apple fritters and donuts. Definitely worth the stop. Then we walked up the the Science Center and figured out that Cameron had never been up the the top of the Space Needle. So we bought tickets, at a cost of $68- yikes, and headed up. Jim got a little freaked out in the elevator, he really doesn't like heights, but everything was fine once we got up top. The day was super clear and we had great views of the entire city and surrounding areas. We stayed for about 15 minutes and then headed off to the museum. The EMP is kind of cool, it has some interactive exhibits and lots of Seattle based music history. There is also a science fiction museum attached and that was interesting too. I don't know that I'll go again any time soon but it was a nice visit anyway. We took the monorail over the Pike Place market and had lunch at the Hard Rock Seattle. We had a nice relaxing day with the boys and I'm glad we did it. Next time it's the girls turn......

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