Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ashleigh got a car!!

Melissa, Jim and I took Ashleigh out car shopping today. She has been diligently saving money for several months finally had enough to get a cheap, but decent car. We all went to breakfast at the Shipwreck cafe and then began our hunt. It didn't take too long to pick the Ford Explorer she ended up with, we had actually researched it on the Internet the night before. We took it for a test drive and Ashleigh decided this was the car for her. Then Melissa and I took her for a driving lesson down at the high school parking lot. That was fun..... nothing like a brand new driver to to make things interesting. The first time she used the break she flung us all forward- I told her "now Ashleigh, don't do that again, it's not fun for anyone"!! We had had a good laugh and let her practice a while longer then they headed back home. I am proud of Ashleigh, this step in her life has been a long time coming but she is finally ready  for it. Great job Ashleigh!!

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