Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dinner with the Schoenings

Last weekend we headed over to the Schoenings for dinner at their new house. Richele made some yummy bbq ribs and potatoes and apple cake for dessert. The ribs were so good that I made them myself the very next day. Apparently the secret to tender pork ribs is boiling them for two hours and then baking them- fall apart tender, yummy.I wish I knew that years ago, I had given up making ribs because mine were always so tough! After dinner I took a few pictures of Ashley with my new lens, I'm not loving it just yet, I think there's a learning curve on this one. She took out her crazy multi colored lizard, it was their weirdest lizard I have ever seen. We were all goofing around and laughing, we had a really nice relaxing evening. Love you guys.

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