Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Senior gift album

I have been having major struggles with Blogger. I cant get it to upload my pictures from my home computer for some reason, it's been so frustrating. I finally decided to try it at work and was able to get them to load just fine. Crazy! Thanks to all of you for continuing to stop by even though I haven't posted in over a week!!
This album is a gift my my friend Richele's daughter Ashley. I took her senior pictures this year and used those shots to make her this memory album of her senior year. I plan to give it to her mom tomorrow so hopefully this posting doesn't ruin the surprise!! Hope you enjoy looking at it.


Tracy said...

Cute mini. I am sure she will love it. Nicely done.

cindy said...

Thansk Tracy- I'm loving the new Teresa Collins- Yummy!