Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday scrapbooking

Today was a busy day, for a Sunday. I scrapped, grocery shopped, went to Michael's and Marshall's, did laundry, made banana bread, met with the water guy, cooked Jim dinner, packed for my trip this week and now I'm uploading pictures to Costco, sending pictures of a layout to Tiffany for this weeks challenge and blogging. Whew!! When you say it all together like that it seems a bit much but really, as I was doing it throughout the day it just seemed like a normal day. I burned candles all day, something that relaxes me and makes the house smell yummy too. These are two of the pages I did today, the other one is being sent to Tiffany for the challenge so head on over there to check it out tomorrow or the next day. The "tradition" page uses some of the cool goodies Tiffany brought me back from her Tim Holtz cruise, it's the Prima jewels. I love them, they add a cool bit of texture to the page. The "sweet" page is using up the last of the October Afternoon paper I'm in love with. I need to keep an eye out for their new stuff, I'm sure it will be great. Well, I'm in town tomorrow and then I fly out to Wisconsin on Tuesday and back home on Thursday, it' a quick trip. Hope there's no snow yet!!

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