Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Squeeze Inn

On my continued quest to go to as many "tv" food spots, I stopped at the Squeeze Inn located in Galt California last night. The people working there were so nice, they even let me get behind the counter, right up to the grill for a picture or two. The burger there is awesome, they melt about a half a pound of cheese on top of your burger- delicious! If you ever get to Galt or Sacramento you should give the Squeeze Inn a try, you wont regret it. I'm heading back home tonight and am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.


Eating The Road said...

That's awesome that they let you in the kitchen. I went to there Sacramento location and enjoyed it a lot:

Where else have you been on your "TV" list and what's been your favorite?

Eating The Road said...

OMG, I'm jealous. I've wanted to get some "Mancakes" and and also a Bacon Maple Donut from Voodoo. Did you blog either of those?

If you're ever in the Southwest you've got to get out to Standard Diner (, best burger I've ever had.

...also Chino Bandido ( is quite an experience.

...oh and Lulu's Bakery and Cafe (HUGE CINNAMON ROLLS):

...and you can't miss The Big Texan Steak Ranch:

Keep watching my blog as I post up these adventures :)