Friday, July 31, 2009

CHA Florida

I'm sitting at the airport in Sacramento, waiting to board my final flight home. This week was spent mostly in Florida at CHA with Tiffany, Terri and Susie. We had a great time at the convention and hanging out around the Orlando area. It was crazy weather there, hot sometimes- like 100 with horrible humidity, rainy sometimes, lightning sometimes- Yikes. The convention was interesting, alot of make and take projects and new scrapbooking products to drool over. We took 3 classes, one that was horrible- Imaginisce, one that was good- Slice by Making Memories, and one that was awesome- My Little Shoebox. All 4 of us girls won prizes in the Slice class and the My Little Shoebox class- it was crazy, all of our names were drawn one right after the other- good karma I guess. We drove to Disney World one afternoon but only spent time at down town Disney due to time constraints. Terri and I wanted to ride the Mary Poppins balloon ride but they shut it down due to weather right before we got there. We were so bummed. We also went to a really nice scrapbook store- sorry I cant remember the name, but the ladies were super nice and they had lots of great new products. This is a long post so I'll stop for now and update later this week. Enjoy the pictures!

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