Monday, July 20, 2009

The Drive In

Last weekend we met up with the Schoenings in Shelton to go to the drive in. Neither Jim or I had been to a drive since we were kids, 100 years ago. So we thought it would be fun to take our kids and let them have the whole experience. The cool thing about the drive in is it's usually a double feature, you can bring your own snacks and you get to hang out with your friends talking and catching up before the show. Jim set up chairs and the back of the Durango so we would have a "spot', it wasn't the most comfortable and by the second show we had turned the car around and all sat in the seats instead. Both movies were great, the Hangover is hilarious!! And of course, anything with John Travolta works for me. We ended up not leaving until after 12 and got home around 1 and then had to get up around 7 to take Mike to his aunts to leave for vacation. I'm not sure we'll have a chance to do it again this summer but it was definitely fun for us to at least once. Oh, how do you like Jim's filthy feet??

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