Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Celebration

This 4th we took the kids to the races at South Sound Speedway to meet up with the Schoenings. It was super hot outside, over 80 which is hot for July in Washington. The races were fun and the fireworks at the end were definitely worth it. The kids all got these funky 3-D glasses to watch the fireworks with and cracked us all up by putting them on. Richele remarked that our kids look so grown up now and I totally agree. The girls are young ladies and the boys are almost grown men. It's weird to look back at pictures from when our families first became friends, they seem like babies! The afternoon was fun but way to short, we never seem to get enough time with the Schoenings. We count them as some of our best friends and enjoy every minute we have with them.

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