Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MIA again

I know, I know, I have been a bad blogger. Not many posts lately. I partially blame Facebook. After much prodding by Tiffany, I finally signed up for Facebook and now I find myself there more often than I am at my own blog. I post very little over there, but it's time spent that I should be doing other stuff. I need to work on that.
Monday I took Mike into the doctor for a second biopsy on some lumps on his thyroid. The first biopsy came back with "atypical" cells, meaning they could be something bad, maybe cancer. But they could also be nothing. So , to be sure, we had to do another biopsy. Look how happy Mike looks about that! This time they sampled two of the lumps instead of just one, so he got poked in the neck about 15 times. If you go to my Facebook(there it is again) you can see more pictures of the procedure. I think the doctor thought we were a bit odd when I asked to take pictures but he totally played along anyway. I tried to post them here but I ran out of time, I was doing it before work today. Anyway, we have another appointment with the specialist next Tuesday to get the results. Wish us luck!

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