Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cameron's 15th bday

Wow, it seems really weird to say Cameron is 15 already. That means he's less than a year away from driving which I cant even imagine. We had a small dinner and cake celebration at the house on Saturday with just us and my sister. Jim bought trick candles for the cake that weren't really too tricky, he blew a few times and got a little help from Rachel to finish up the job. We all got a good laugh out of the shirt that I bought without realizing it says "boobies" , everyone else saw it right away. Pretty funny. We had a super yummy red velvet cake from Costco but we were all too full from dinner to have any until way later. Mike had his wisdom teeth out on Saturday so he could hardly eat much anyway. He recovered pretty quickly though, much quicker than the girls. We got Cameron another new Ipod since his old one is broke, we did warn him this is the last one he'll get from us though, he doesn't have the best track record for taking care of them.
I went out car shopping with my sister on Saturday too- she bought herself a Mini Cooper. It's the first newer car she has ever bought, she gets to bring it home on Monday. Lucky!!

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