Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rachel and Sean's first house

Rachel and her boyfriend Sean moved into their first house together this weekend. It a funky little place in Bremerton, close to both of their jobs. We hauled all of Rachel's stuff up their this morning and helped them gets things set up and put away. Rachel took me downstairs and showed me the basement, holy cow, it's like something from a bad horror movie. Check out the massive rat trap!! It's an old house right in town in a really busy street, not necessarily the perfect house- but it's perfect for them for a first place. They were both really excited and happy and grateful for all of the help we gave them. Jim made a run for lunch and we had a classic first place meal, sitting on the floor while we were waiting for the couches to get there. I'm really going to miss having my baby here in town, she;s so far away now, but I fully support her decision to move away and start her new life. Sean is a great guy that loves Rachel a lot, he treats her good and is a good "fit" for our family too. Love you both!

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