Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Anniversay

I have the most amazing husband ever. He planned a surprise trip for our anniversary that included blind folding me for a 2 hour car ride until we made it to our destination. Jim rented a small house called "the Love Shack" in Pacific Beach, a small town about 20 minutes from Ocean Shores. He had flowers sent to the house and the owners set them up and gave us a bottle of champagne to help us celebrate. It was so sweet and romantic. Then he arranged for Jeff and Richele to surprise us at the restaurant for dinner... I screamed a little when I saw them! Dinner was amazing, it was small guest house Inn and restaurant called the Collins Inn, the kitchen was right next to our table so we could watch the chef cook our dinner. After dinner we headed off to the casino with the Schoenings and I even managed to make a little money. We spent the rest of the weekend fishing at the jetty and shopping the little stores in town. It was one of the best anniversaries I can remember, Jim did such a great job of planning everything. I love you honey!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time! Way to go Jim!

cindy said...

It was great. Super relaxing.