Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sean and Rachel- new pictures

Rachel and Sean stopped by this afternoon for a bit on their way over to Sean's moms for dinner. I hadn't taken any recent pictures of them so I asked them if I could take few quick ones on the front porch. (Plus Rachel looked so beautiful today I wanted to capture it!!) I'm so lucky that they both are pretty agreeable when it comes to pictures, and that they are both so photogenic. Sean cracked me up at one point, I caught him looking at Rachel's chest and he got so embarrassed. It was hilarious!! They make a such a cute couple and Jim and I are so proud of the two of them. They both work full time jobs and go to school, Rachel for Nursing and Sean for Shipbuilding. It's hard work both they both have long term goals of doing great things and having wonderful careers to help make their future better. We love you guys!!

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