Sunday, April 1, 2012

Camerons 16th birthday

Today we celebrated Cameron's 16th birthday with a family dinner at Hop Jacks restaurant in Lacey. It's hard to believe the chubby little boy I met 12 years ago has turned into this wonderful young man with a super unique personality and spirit. In our family turning 16 means Mom makes you a scrapbook from birth to 16 with all of the best pictures from your childhood. Cameron loved getting his and everyone had fun looking though it and laughing at how everyone has changed. He also loved getting a $100 bill from Jim, all wrapped up into a tiny little package- he said it was his favorite gift. We all posed for some family pictures after dinner and the boys hammed it up, as usual. Morgan and Mike gave Cameron some "birthday tickles"and cracked us all up. We had a really nice time, it was good to get everyone together. Happy Birthday to you Cameron- I love you!!

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