Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rachels Baby shower.

Last weekend Morgan and I hosted Rachel's baby shower at my friend Patti's house in Olympia. I spent weeks planning the decorations and the food and I was really happy with how it all turned out. We had cupcakes from Sugar Rush in Seattle and cookies from Main Street Cookie in Rainier and boy were they delicious. We had lots of wonderful guests from Rachel's side and Sean's family too, the furthest guest came all the way from Alaska-Yikes! We only played 2 games, there were over 40 guests an it was just too busy to do much more than that. Rachel and Sean got some great gifts, some funny, some really useful and all were genuinely appreciated. The gift that got the most attention was from Sean's mom, she saved the outfit he came home from the hospital in and gave it to Rachel with his picture. He was over 10lbs !! Hopefully baby Carter is smaller than that, Rachel is a small girl. We had a great afternoon with all of our friends and family and I'm looking forward to the next thing- Baby!

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