Sunday, September 7, 2008

Senior shots-take 2

Here are a few pictures form our Senior shoot today. We went to the Olympian Capitol Campus and down town Olympia too. Morgan came along and we had fun picking places to pose and taking shots from different angles. Probably the funniest thing was when we were in an alley trying to get the graffiti shot. A guy came walking up and said"pose that shit"- pretty sure he was high or drunk!! We all looked at each other and decided it was time to get out of there!! We stopped one more time, in the same alley, and took the shots with the orange chair and the graffiti. I think I like the crossed legged shot in the pink and white shirt the best. Hopefully she picks one of these, if not, we'll be back out again looking for new spots and trying again. Anyone have a favorite?


Tiffany said...

I like the bottom one the best, and all the shots in the pink and white shirt. Great job. I was going to ask you to come do our family shoot, now I know I will!

Nancy said...

I like the one at the bottom also, the one next to the tree is super too. Good Job Cindy!!!!!!!