Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wow what a Christmas!

I took soooo many pictures this year that I had a really tough time picking which ones to put on the blog. I ended up with 25 after I picked through them all. We had a really good Christmas this year, we spoiled the kids and spent time with lots of our families. We watched "A Christmas Story" multiple times, opened gifts with the kids on Christmas Day at 1:00pm so they could have time with their other families, hosted the Larsen family dinner and gift exchange with lots of laughter at the selection of gifts, and had lunch and presents at Gramma Twyla's house with board games afterward. The kids got goofy when they opened their presents, the girls loved their Coach purses, Cameron loved his pocket watch and his knives, and Mike laughed at the duck tape and gloves Cameron gave him and was relieved to finally get the toaster oven he has been asking for. Jimmy got a gun and was super happy, he freaked when he opened his slicer from Rachel, I got an Ipad which I was totally NOT expecting at all and Rachel got me that awesome Stephen King book I wanted. We all had alot of time off together and got to really relax and enjoy the holiday. Whew, now I need to focus on the New Year!! Happy New Year to everyone, hope yours brings you everything you hope for.

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