Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ice storm January 2012

Today was a bit of a crazy day. Yesterday we had a snow storm that dropped about 16" of snow and made getting to work tricky. Then today we woke up to freezing rain and a cold temperatures. As we headed out to work there were a few trees down along way, one or two in the driveway but not a big deal. Right? Wrong! One of the roads we normally take had a huge tree across it and downed power lines. So we went around and made it to work safely. Then the power went out at work and trees were coming down everywhere so we got to head home early. On the way home we saw more and more trees down in the road and obvious signs of power outages along the way. Then we got to our driveway. Yikes, trees everywhere. So we called Mike at the house and told him to bring the chainsaw down so we could cut a path. We got out of the truck to move a few of the smaller branches and were surrounded by the sound of falling branches and breaking trees. I freaked out, it was so scary. You could hear a "crack" and then look up to see a branch or part of a whole tree falling down. There are no less than 7 downed trees across our driveway, and there is no way we can risk cutting them to clear the road, it's just way to dangerous. So the truck sits at the end of the driveway and we are sitting in the house listening and watching trees fall every few minutes. Eventually we'll have to get out there and cut the downed trees to clear the road, just not today!!

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