Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sledding with the Schoenings

Wow, it's been a long time since we have spent any time with the Schoenings. So when they called to see if we wanted to go sledding today the answer was definitely yes. As you can see, Cody was limited on his fun today since he is still is his brace from breaking his back in a car wreck a few weeks ago. However, the rest of us all jumped on the sleds and took a few runs, some of them took lots of runs! It was snowing like crazy up in Capitol Forrest so we had plenty of fresh snow to sled on. Mike managed to catch some air on one of his runs and then crashed into the bushes on another. Sledding today reminded me of the trips we took up there together over the years, now our kids are almost all grown up so it was nice to do it again and have fun hanging out with each other like in the "old days".  I hope we can get all of the kids and do it at least one more time this year while the snow sticks around. Fun times!

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