Wednesday, August 15, 2012

California Vacation 2012 Day 1

As the kids get older and spread out into their own little worlds it becomes harder and harder to get everyone together. For this reason we decided to do a big family vacation to California this summer to enjoy the last little bit of time we have with them as "kids". Rachel is off living her life in Bremerton-working and going to school for nursing, Morgan is living in Seattle- working this summer and then continuing at UW for her sophomore year, Mike is leaving the nest to start his Freshman year in Pullman at WSU, and Cameron is starting his Junior year of high school. It's so cliche to say that time flies but seriously, it does, before you know it they are living their own dreams.

We planned our vacation with every fun thing we could think of in Los Angeles. We started in downtown LA at Pinks Hot Dog Stand, then headed to the Hollywood Walk of Fame where we just missed Slash getting his star. We went to the wax museum because, honestly, Jim loves the wax museum!Then to finish out that day we went to the La Brea Tar pits- something I've always heard of but never actually seen.

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