Monday, September 17, 2012

My baby is having a baby

Oh my..... Rachel is having a baby!! Yesterday afternoon Sean and Rachel came over for a visit just like they do every other weekend or so. We all sat in the living room talking about Rachel's school and the new house they will be moving into in a couple of weeks, normal chit chat kind of stuff. Or so I thought...finally Sean looked at Rachel and said the suspense was killing him and that Rachel had something to tell me. She looked a little scared and then said "I'm having a baby". Yikes! I was shocked and didnt know what to say, fortunately Jim took over and jumped off the couch to hug her and tell her how happy he was. Once the shock was over I gave her and Sean both hugs and told them how happy I am. I did tear up a little, not a full blown cry, but I got a little misty. I'm such a worrier that I have a hard time just letting go and letting life just progress as it is going to. I'm worried about her not being able to finish school, I'm worried about her being able to pay for the birth, I'm worried about her staying healthy- you know all of those thing we moms worry about. But, the bottom line is that all of those things will work out, they always do, and I get to be a grandma in the meantime. I am excited to have a little one around again and to watch Rachel and Sean become parents and grow their life together. Congratulations my sweet girl!

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