Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blue eyes and kids

Morgan and Cameron both have Jim's beautiful blue eyes. Those eyes come their Grandma Twyla's side of the family and are one of the things that first attracted me to Jim. I got the idea for this picture from the wife of one of my co-workers and I tried to recreate it by standing above them on the trampoline and taking about 20 shots. The kids are so used to me taking pictures that they just do whatever I say as far as posing and they usually don't complain(until about the 20th shot!). I think all of the kids like to see themselves in pictures and then in the scrapbook later.
Rachel showed up after I had finished with Morgan and Cameron so I had her jump up for a few shots too. There was mostly giggling going on at that point but I got some really nice shots of the three kids when it was all done.

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