Sunday, May 18, 2008

Welcome to the Love Shack Scrap Spot

Yippee, my first post on a blog. So here's a little info on me. I've been scrap booking for about 11 years, so long that I remember meeting Lisa Bearnson at a convention in Salt Lake City years ago and she was surprised that anyone would want to have their picture taken with her. Look at her now! I have the most amazing scrapbook room. It's separate from our house but close enough that the kids come out to play in the yard and jump on the trampoline just a few feet away.
There's tons of space for all of my stuff and room for friends to come over and crop too. I'm finding that I am actually getting more done now that I have my own space. More to come soon with some layouts and pictures.
I cant end this first post without thanking my friend Tiffany. She and I met in Nashville at CKU and her blog was my inspiration to start one of my own. I'm so glad we met and hope that we can look forward to many years of friendship.

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