Friday, May 23, 2008

South Africa -Here she comes!

As most of you are aware, Rachel has been accepted to go on a Christian Mission trip to South Africa. She is so excited and we have been working like crazy to fund raise. She is required to have 50% of the total amount needed for the trip by next Monday and though the generosity of our friends and family she has met that goal. Thank you to everyone, we are so grateful!! We have plans to hold some fundraisers to help her get the remaining amount and we are confident she's going to meet the final goal too. As parents, we are all so proud of Rachel's desire to go on this trip. She has recently been interested in a career that centers around helping people in one way or another, her current plan is to go to college for Social work. This trip should open her up to the needs of other countries and expose her to people that are in need of the basics of life that we take for granted. I couldn't even imagine being able to do something like this when I was 17, I don't think I would have even considered it. As her mom I am a bit scared for her, Africa is a long way away and I wont be able to talk to her every day like I'm used to. But I do realize that she's growing up and I have to let her find her own way at some point, for her, this is the point.

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