Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saying goodbye to Char

About 5 years ago I had the great honor of meeting Charlene and Carl Granberry, my friend Rachel's parents. They welcomed my daughter Rachel and I into their home like we were family, we stayed almost a week. Rachel even calls them Nana and Granddad. This last summer when Rachel went to Africa she got to spend several more days with the Granberrys and again, they treated her like one of their own. About a month again Char become quite ill and after a brief moment of recovery she lost her battle this past Monday. Rachel and I traveled to Texas for the funeral to say our goodbyes and to offer our support to Rachel, Grandad and the family. This was by far the most heart achingly sad service I have ever attended, the family led the entire service and each child and grandchild spoke of their memories of Char. The most touching moment came when Carl said his goodbyes to one and only love of his life. The measure of his love for Char was painfully, beautifully made obvious to each person at the service through the words he spoke. She was a lady, a mother and a wife and she will truly be missed.
We spent the remainder of our time in Texas with the family at the farm riding horses and spending time with Grandad. We kept busy but took several moments over the days to shed a tear for Char and to talk about our memories of her. We love this family and hope to spend more time with them as the years go by. Thank you Miss Char for making us feel a part of it.

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