Monday, April 27, 2009

Lucy the troublemaker

Last week was filled with a bit of doggie drama. Jim has been trying to get this one mouse that's been in the camper for the last few weeks. He always uses traps but when he went to get new traps at the local hardware store they were out so he bought some Decon instead. Unfortunately, he left it on the floor in the garage and little miss Lucy decided to eat it, ALL of it. In case you don't know how Decon works, it causes internal bleeding , pretty quickly. Thank goodness Rachel noticed the box when she came home from school and called me to tell me. Rachel rushed Lucy to the vet and they kept her overnight, treating her with Vitamin K shots to help her blood clot correctly. Jim picked her up the next day and he said she was so excited to see him. Lucy is like one of our kids, she is one of the best dogs ever. Thank goodness she recovered.

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