Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy National scrapbook day!

Check out this super sweet mini album designed by my sweet friend Tiffany. This is her kit that she has for sale on her website this month, check it out before they are all sold out!! It's super easy to put together, it only took me about an hour this afternoon from start to finish. Thanks for gifting one to me Tiffany, you made my day.
I spent the day with Tiffany and Richele and some nice ladies at a charity crop in Tumwater. I did a few pages, the ones shown here, but mostly I just relaxed. Richel had some yummy treats fro us to eat, I even ate some chocolate( so much for weight watchers today!) It was very nice for me to just have a no stress, quiet afternoon with two of the ladies I am happy to call my friends. Thanks girls, it was a great day.

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