Saturday, May 23, 2009

Those were the days....

I came across these pictures of my parents while sorting and

scanning a ton of old photos. The picture of my mother on her wedding day was hidden behind some other pictures in a frame, I was shocked to find it. The picture of my father is one I had seen before but never actually had a copy in my hands to do anything with. They were both so young and good looking, I can see what drew them to each other. My parents are still married, after 4 kids together and many struggles along the way, they have managed to do what most people don't seem to care too much about these days... stay married. Have they had a perfect marriage? Of course not, but they did manage to raise some pretty decent kids if I don't say so myself. We all have values, we are hard workers and have also managed to raise some pretty amazing children of our own, thanks, in part, to what we learned growing up. Good or bad, lessons are learned along the way and it makes us all who we are today. For those of you who really know me , you must be thinking I've gone off the deep end. I'm not normally a sentimental person but looking at the people my parents once were gives me a feeling of nostalgia I'm not too sure what to do with. So here is my post, about my parents, good or bad, happy or sad, they are the reason I am here today.

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Tiffany said...

Great Pictures!