Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beths Cafe- Yum!

So Beth's cafe is another spot I can cross off my "man vs food" list. Last weekend before the Kiss concert we stopped at Beth's to have some good grub before commencing to rock out. Beth's is definitely a quirky Seattle food icon. When we walked in, we were greeted by a server who sent us "to the game room to wait for 30 mins or so". My kids were so confused!! We headed in there and proceeded to check out all of the cool drawings posted all over the walls- way cool. Fortunately , our server was only joking and someone came to get us about 5 mins later. After much discussion regarding the 12 egg omelet , we placed our orders which included a 6 egg omelet for Mike and a loaded chili dog for Jim. I had the ham and egg scramble. Beware people, even the 6 egg omelet is huge! I can not even imagine someone being able to force down a 12 egger.
A short wait later, our food arrived and it was awesome. Hot, fresh, delicious and served by a funny waitress that happily brought us whatever we asked for. (including 3 extra orders of toast so we could have more of the fresh strawberry jam on the table!)I highly recommend a stop at Beth's if you are hungry for a delicious breakfast while in Seattle. Now for lunch, I still recommend the Red Mill for the best burger in town.

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