Friday, April 23, 2010

Twisted Root Burgers

As most of you know, I am a huge Man vs Food and Diners, Drive Inns and Dives fan. You may also remember that I am having a competition with the guys at work to see who can go to the most locations. Well, the boys managed to get ahead of my by one, they went to 9 spots! So this week when I was in Dallas I made a point of finding a few spots and picking at least one to go to. I went to the Twisted Root Burger Co in "Deep Ellum" in Dallas. I think Deep Ellum is kind of like an "artsy" kind of area, check out the metal sculpture, there were lots of those in the area and lots of murals on the walls of buildings. My good friend Rachel met up with me and, after we did a little damage at Sephora, we had some burgers together. It was a pretty cool restaurant, lots funny sayings on the walls and windows, and a funny staff- check out the picture of them behind the counter. I had the green chili, pepper jack cheese and guacomole burger and it was delicious. We also had the fried food basket with deep fried pickles and sweet potato chips- Yum. This is a spot I would definitely go back to. It was nice to see Rachel and relax for a few hours, it almost made being away from home fun, I still missed the family though.


TR said...

GIRL! You ALMOST make me wanna go
to Texas! But I be honest I can't take the
heat. So I'll stay out of that kitchen! hahaha
MAN does that look good tho!

Elizabeth Schaffer Miranda said...

Looks so delicious. You are making me hungry!

Logan said...

Looks yummy! How were the pickles?

Tracy said...

That all looks delish.
Hubby and I love those shows. We want to travel and check out those places as well.

cindy said...

The food really was delicious. The pickles were a little salty but the sweet potato chips were heaven!I have alot of fun going to these spots, they are always kind of funky and different but the food is usually really good.