Sunday, October 23, 2011

$20 Goodwill table

I found this table at the local Goodwill and instantly knew it was a great project to use with my new Annie Sloane paint. I loved the details on the side of the table and thought they would look beautiful with the stark white of the paint. The bonus was that it was only $19.99! Jim took the top off so he could stain it while I worked on painting the rest of the table.Unfortunately he found out quickly that the top was veneer and the strip around the top was damaged. he ended up lightly sanding the top, removing the side piece and staining it heavily. I think it turned out great. As for painting the legs and details, I used white Annie Sloane paint. It  a chalk style paint and it took a little getting used to, the first coat dries a little streaky but after the second coat it looks great. Once the painting was done and dried for a day or so I waxed it with Minwax paste wax and it gave it a smooth sheen. We put the table upstairs in the living room for now, it doesn't seem like the "spot" for it just yet but it'll find it's home eventually. Enjoy!

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