Thursday, October 6, 2011

Black to white conversion

We found these old black end tables at a garage sale in Tenino and paid $3 each for them. The lady told me she had planned on repainting them but never got around to it. Lucky for us she gave up! Jim started off by stripping them and then decided to tear them apart, not sure why exactly, I think he thought it would be easier to refinish them. So tearing them apart resulted in him having to make new side panels and modifications to the tops but in the end they turned out beautifully. So far he only has one done but has promised me he will work on the other one "next". He is in the middle of refinishing a coffee table though so it may be a while! I have this one next to our bed and it totally goes with the dresser we did as our first project. Now, I just need an antique iron bed frame, King size preferably.....wish me luck.

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