Monday, October 3, 2011

From yucky to yummy- Teal Dresser

Jim and I found this old  , maybe 70's or 80's,dresser at a garage sale in late September. The lady wanted $20 for it but a quick inspection (and smell!) made us offer her $10. It needed a couple of top drawer fixtures and had an "odd" odor, kind of like a dirty house with pets maybe. Yuck. So we took it home for the $10 offer and let it sit in the garage for a few weeks while we worked on another project. Then we slowly started working on this baby. I had found inspiration for the color on another blog,, but it took alot of convincing for Jim to agree to play along. Basically we agreed that this was my project and he was just helping with it. He actually worked on other projects while I was doing this one, stopping just long enough to do my painting and "honey do" requests. I had a distressed finish in mind but I'm not quite ready to shell out $50 for Annie Sloane was just yet, so I used a Valspar antiquing stain instead. It took a couple of coats but it ended up being exactly the color I was hoping for. Once it was done, I waxed it with Minwax finishing wax and put the hardware back on. Oh, the bottom drawers hardware is all original, we just painted it with Brushed Nickle spray paint. The top drawer knobs were picked up at a local store. I really do like how it turned out, I have a vision for re-doing Morgan bedroom with this dresser and a few other items. I'll show the finished room once I get there, I'm still looking for a few more things. I hope you enjoy the dresser, let me know what you think!

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Tiffany said...

I think it's Fabulous! Love the color, and the retro feel. Good job Cindy!