Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finally a tree

We finally got our Christmas tree today. Better late than never right? Jim actually suggested we wait until Christmas Eve to get the tree but I vetoed that idea. That would be way too crazy for me. We headed out to Jensen's tree farm this morning, the weather was totally cooperating- it was actually a little bit sunny. The kids seemed a little bored with the whole thing, except Cameron who actually jumped right in and started cutting the tree, once we decided of course. They all complained a little about various things but honestly I think they would miss it if we stopped going to the farm . The option would be going to a precut place and that just seems so boring to me. When we got home the boys headed out to do a little last minute shopping and we girls decorated the tree. We also made cookies for the Christmas Eve dinner with my family. Everyone was patient this year for the family tree picture and for that I am grateful. It's usually a stressful moment but this year it was fine. This weekend was pretty good, I got to relax a bit and didn't have to work, thank goodness. I'm all done shopping, that's right, all done. Yippee! See you all later this week.

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Tiffany said...

Great pictures! They are all so grown up now, it makes me sad. We're going to be doing this with spouses and grand babies soon! Yikes!