Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Rachel Anne

It was 19 years ago, on a night much like tonight, with a beautiful full moon just like the one outside my window right now, that my sweet baby Rachel was born. I had gone to a big family dinner and my late after in law warned me that babies come on full moon nights so I better be ready to have that baby that night. I laughed at him and never seriously thought he might be right, it was a week early after all! So we went home, I climbed in bed and my water broke. Well, it didn't actually break like you might imagine, it was just a little trickle and I had a terrible backache. Hmmmm.... maybe I'm in labor?? So we woke up my sister, who had given birth to Cody just one year earlier, and she suggested we call the hospital. Of course they suggested we come in just in case. It's a good thing we did because about every 3 minutes my back was cramping.... hmmm... labor? Once we got to the hospital they broke my water the rest of the way and within about 4 hours and with just a few pushes, Miss Rachel popped onto the scene. I was surprised to see her because the whole time I was pregnant I was convinced she was a boy. So imagine my shock and joy to have her come out a girl!! It's a good thing we picked out her name... on the way to the hospital!! I am so proud and happy to have watched Rachel grow into the young woman she has become. I love her with all of my heart. Happy Birthday honey!

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Tiffany said...

Ohh,that's so sweet! Happy Birthday Rachel!