Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting closer....

We have been working every night after work this week to get the floor done and we are definitely getting closer. We really only have a little bit of the mud room area and the bathroom left to do. Yippee. Oh, and the trim work of course.I was able to do some clean up tonight and get the kitchen table back in place which totally made me happy. There is just something about having a clean table with new placemats that makes me content. We were even able to sit at the table and have dinner, biscuits and gravy per Mike's request. It was yummy. I really like how the table looks with the new floor too, nice contrast. We decided we have to do some repainting in the kitchen, the yellow is showing some wear in a few places. Oh, and we get our new fridge delivered tomorrow- I cant wait. Our old one is over 15 years old and is also showing it's age. More pictures in a few days.

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Denine said...

The new hardwood floors look Gorgeous!!
I know what you mean about a clean table and settings.
I love setting our dining room table for a get together and just leaving it that way for a couple of days. It just makes things seem .... warmer, cheerful.