Monday, March 22, 2010

It feels like Spring!

Saturday was a beautiful Spring day in the Pacific Northwest. The sun was out and, even though it was still chilly, we all managed to spend a little time outside throughout the day. The kids and Jim spent awhile outside hitting golf balls into the trees, until one almost hit the neighbors house, then they had to switch directions and hit them toward the road. Dont worry, no cars were hit!! Cameron got his braces off this week, his teeth look great and he looks so grown up. I gave Morgan her 16th birthday album and she was super surprised and excited to get it. Jim and Morgan both looked though it several times and laughed over many of the memories. That is definitely the best part of making albums for the kids, watching them look at them and talk about the memories. That is the reason I scrapbook.
Stay tuned this week, I'll be posting pictures of the Loveshack and sharing my scrapping space. Oh, and my great find at Tuesday Morning..... tomorrow, I promise.

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Tracy said...

Sounds like a fun day. I agree this is why I love to scrap book.