Saturday, January 9, 2010

50th Anniversay

My Mom called me on Wednesday to "remind" me that it is her and my Dad's 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday. What?? I had no idea how close they were to 50th and I definitely didn't think it was this year, so as you can imagine, I freaked out. How in the world can I prepare any kind of party for such a big occasion with only 2 days notice? So, I did the best I could. I called Mike, Melissa and Nancy to see if they wanted to get together for dinner on Saturday night and if they had any pictures so I could make an album of some kind. Of course Nancy had the most pictures and she sent me copies of their wedding photos and some others I didn't have in my collection of pictures. Then I got prints made and on Friday I headed to the bakery to see if I could get a cake with one of the pictures on it. They were very helpful and I managed to get the cake ordered for pickup on Saturday right before dinner. Last night I took a chipboard album I had already started work on to use as the base for the album and put most of it together. I ran to Michael's this morning for a few finishing touch embellishments and I now have a finished album to give as a gift tonight. So, with not much time, I managed to put together a dinner, get a cake and make an album. Whew! Oh, did I mention that I don't know any of the details of how my parents, met, how my dad proposed, where they got married or really much else? So most of the album has blank spots for journaling for my Mom to fill in afterward. My hope is that she will get it done and some day the album will come back to me with all of those details. My Dad has gotten really forgetful over the last few years so I hope there is still time to hear from him on some things. I plan on asking him tonight. I'll also take a few pictures of them tonight to add to the last page of the album.

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