Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CHA Pics and friends

Here are a few more pictures from CHA this weekend. It was great to hang out with Tiffany , Terri and Susie, I wish we lived closer to each other! Terri is my new friend of the day- just so you know! I also got a chance to make a couple of new friends- Bree and Marie. Bree is one of Tiffany's designers and Marie is her sister ( she came along to protect Bree and make sure we weren't axe murders or something!). They came to the show from Canada to meet up with us and help in Tiffany's class. Can I just say- those girls were hilarious! They both talk so fast and so much it's a treat to just sit back and listen. They are super sweet and are both the kind of ladies that you would love to have for friends. I hope we get a chance to get together again sometime in the future. We all walked the show on Saturday and had super sore feet by the time the day ended. The first stop we made was the Teresa Collins booth for her make and take. She was very open and warm and posed for pictures with everyone, all the while she was working her booth and sharing her new product. What a great example of business success in the scrapbook industry. We went to the Glitz party that night and they shared some of their great new product with us. Check back tomorrow for a giveaway of some of their product- I got a ton! Their decorations were to die for- check out the cake! Stop by their site to take a peek at their new product.


Tiffany said...

I love the pic of you and Teri! Super Cute! We need to share pictures.

Teri said...

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy your blog is awesome. I went on to my old computer hoping I had your blog in my favorites and I did. Your pictures are great and this picture of us is tooo cute.And I am so honored that I was your "Friend of the Day" YOU ROCK! Sure wish we lived closer. Stay in touch. Miss You. sunbug60@yahoo.com