Sunday, March 8, 2009

Finishing up the Love Shack

I have the sweetest husband. This Saturday he had to take Morgan to Tacoma for a volleyball tournament. It was an all day event so he used "lola" our GPS to find all the Fred Meyer stores within a reasonable distance. Then he proceeded to drive to each one until he found another console table for the Love Shack. We had already checked at both of our local stores and I had pretty much given up on having the second one so this was a total surprise for me. He brought it in the house and then told me it was a new computer desk until I got up to look at the box. Sweet!! Jim and Cameron spent the rest of the night putting it together and then we set it up in the Shack in the morning. It's perfect, it gives me that extra space to spread everything out that I was missing with just one. Love it, love it , love it. So to celebrate I scrapped two pages and finished the project Tiffany designed from the Tumwater crop. I love the page with the Schoenings, the pictures, the paper, everything. They are the greatest friends, we love them so much.
If you haven't checked Tiffany's blog lately pop on over there for a sneak peek at her March album kit. It's going to be super cute and totally unique. Order early before she sells out!!

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