Friday, March 20, 2009

Hanging out with eachother

So it's not very often that we all manage to get together to do something as a family. Tonight we went go carting in Olympia as part of Cameron's birthday celebration. We're having a small party on Sunday but we wanted to do something as a family together also. The go cart track was pretty cool, the ride lasts 8 minutes and the track is pretty big. Cameron and Mike put on the actual racing suits they had there and I thought they looked pretty cool. Once they got on the track Morgan was all business and totally whipped all the boys, not too surprising, it was going to be either her or Jim because they are both super competitive. After go carting we went to Red Robin for dinner and Cameron was totally embarrassed when they sang to him, made him hold his ice cream up like a torch and hooked the balloons around his neck. He was giggling and blushing the whole time but I think he actually liked the attention a bit- it was pretty cute. We had a really nice time together and I'm glad we made the time to do it.

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