Monday, March 16, 2009

Lots of Long Beach pages

During our 2004 trip to Long Beach I took a ton of pictures. Now I have the huge task of trying to get all of the different aspects of the trip scrapbooked. One of our favorite memories was the motel we stayed at- The Whales Tail. It was this dinky, old, not so nice motel right on the strip. It really needed an overhaul, the toilet in Richele's room actually leaned to the side when you sat on it. The funny this is though, we all loved that motel, warts and all. It had an old rec room with just a ping pong table in it and the kids spent hours in there playing. They had to go get the key from the old man that ran the motel every time until he finally just left it open for us. Every year when we go back the kids all ask to stay there again, I'm not so sure we ever will, it might spoil the memory of the time we had.

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